How can I help my child be interested in learning?

Full Transcript:

How can I encourage my child to be interested in learning and interested in exploring the world around them? Yeah, learning is a kids job. And so, you know, they are born learners. They want to do this. And I think what we know the most effective way that you can prepare them for learning and prepare them for a more formal school environment is to read together. That’s by far the single most effective intervention you can make is to spend time daily with a book and your child and reading together out loud. At first you’ll need to read your child but eventually, they’ll be able to read some to you as well. And this is really a…it’s invaluable and I can’t stress it enough, you know.

Have the child learn to pick out their own books. Go to the library, you know, have them look at the bookstore. There’s a lot of ways to get reading material for your child and keep them interested to find something that they like. They may not like what you like, that’s okay. Find something that they’re into and work it. And you’ll be surprised how much they learn. In addition, provide occasional opportunities to learn outside of that environment. Whether it’s at a museum or a zoo or even just go to the airport, watch the planes take off and land, you know. Ask questions. What makes the plane go up? Why does it stay up? Ask the child questions about what they see and what they observe. See what they think. You may not know the answer that’s okay. That’s something that you can go look up together later. If you find something that you’re not sure about just say, “I don’t know. Let’s go look it up later.”

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