Same Day Sick Appointments

We understand that a child can be ok one minute and not the next. This is why we offer same day sick appointments for your children. Please call us to talk about your needs.

Sick Child or Injured Minor Emergency Medical Care

When your child is sick or injured, we’re here for your minor emergencies even in the middle of the night. Many times, it takes just a phone call to answer your questions about a child with fever or some other disturbing or sudden symptom.

Just A Phone Call Away

For less serious‚ but no less troubling illnesses, we’re just a phone call away. Talking to one of our staff can help you decide whether sudden symptoms need emergency treatment or if an appointment for the following day will meet your child’s needs.

Your Online Resource

Check the Child+Medical Library for a quick guide, then call us if you feel urgent care is warranted. Of course, if a life-threatening emergency occurs at any time, go to the nearest emergency room, and the hospital staff will contact us right away. Of course, every child’s case is unique, and we can respond to your call with specific information because we have your child’s healthcare history on hand.

If your child is admitted to the hospital, we’ll work with the hospital staff to ensure the best quality care for your child, and we’ll be here for you to answer your questions and follow your child’s progress to recovery.


Child Plus Pediatrics is passionate about working with the family on a holistic approach to wellness.  We understand that there is more to medicine than just diagnosis.


Child Plus Pediatrics is here to listen.  We truly care about what you have to say.  We recognize that no one knows your child better than you and we want your input.


The entire staff of Child Plus Pediatrics is here because we care about families and children.  We want to make a difference in your lives and the lives of your children.

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