What is the difference between a regular and sports physical? What is a concussion?

Full Transcript:

What is the difference between a sports physical and a regular physical? Basically, the focus of the physical is, obviously, related to sports. But with a regular physical, we’re gonna look at overall wellbeing, growth and development. We’re gonna look at school performance. We’re going to do a head to toe assessment, look at immunizations. It’s more of a preventative approach to health care. Whereas the sports physical focuses mainly on their performance, obviously, in the sport or activity and whether or not they are healthy enough to participate in that activity, whether or not there’s any musculoskeletal issues or injuries that may prohibit them from safely participating in that activity.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when there’s some type of impulsive force with the head. So, that can occur in a lot of different activities, in different sports, from a fall. And some of the symptoms that you’ll see is…you’ll see the child might complain of a headache, dizziness, they may be confused directly after the incident. A lot of times, they might have vomiting that occurs immediately after the head injury. So those are some things that you should be concerned about if your child does hit their head or fall or they come in contact with something in the sport activity and then they have those symptoms, then you might be suspicious that they have a concussion.

If the symptoms continue on for hours after the event, and they’re not improving, then you would want to take your child to the ER to have them evaluated. If they have those symptoms, but then they’re improving within hours after the incident, then you could follow up with your PCP and have them evaluated there.

Children can definitely experience serious injuries on bikes, and that’s why we definitely advise always wearing a helmet, even if they’re going for a short ride or a long ride. You definitely wanna have your child wear a helmet. Head injuries tend to be the more serious injury that they can have when they’re on a bike. And that can be from a fall or, unfortunately, a lot of children may be in danger of being struck by a vehicle if they’re not following road rules or they’re not following safety rules of riding their bike.

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