How much screen time should a child have each day?

Full Transcript:

Younger children, especially, should have screen time limited. The studies have shown that infants and children under the age of 18 months, their speech can be impaired or delayed if they have screen time at all. So the research suggests that screen time for 18 months old and younger should be limited to virtually no screen time as far as electronics, cell phones, iPads, things of that nature. Obviously, some limited TV watching would be okay, but as far as direct screen time with cell phones and other electronics, it really should be avoided with children 18 months and younger.

Children ages 18 months and older to about five years old really should be limited to one hour a day, and then older children no more than two hours a day. Caregivers can obviously set limits on the screen time by not having them accessible to children, especially unsupervised, and try to increase the amount of physical activity that your child’s doing every day. Make sure they get outside, if possible, and spend some time outside playing and then directly engaging with them as far as playing board games or other things, reading as a family. Those are good things to try to put in place of electronic time.

It’s also always good to have some electronic free zones as far as in the kitchen at meal time that, as you eat as a family, try to not have any electronics around. In the bedroom before bedtime, you want to try to limit any electronic time in the bedroom because it can cause sleep issues with children as well.

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