Well Child Visit


Here at Child Plus Pediatrics, we have high expectations of our services just like you do. This is why we take pride in taking the time to listen to your needs and concerns.

Accessible, approachable and compassionate about what we do here at Child Plus, we want the best health outcomes for your children. This approach ensures that you get the comprehensive care you need to keep your child moving along with a healthy lifestyle and developing at just the right rate for success.

Here are some things to expect at each age well visit:

Physical exam
  • Weight and Growth measurements
  • Oral health assessment
  • Developmental surveillance
  • Lead screening(capillary blood test)
  • Hemoglobin-Anemia screening (capillary blood test)
  • Go-check ocular/vision screening test
  • MMRV- Measles, Mumps, rubella and varicella
  • Hepatitis A

Developmental Milestones

  •  Bangs toys together
  • Tries to make the same sounds you do
  •  Waves bye-bye
  •  Looks at things you are looking at
  •  Tries to do what you do
  •  Cries when you leave
  •  Stands alone
  •  Hands you a book to read
  •  Drinks from a cup
  •  Follows simple directions
  •  Speaks 1 to 2 words
  •  Plays peekaboo
  •  Babbles
Physical exam
  • Weight and growth measurements
  • Developmental surveillance
  • Dtap
  • HIB
  • Pneumococcal

Developmental Milestones

  •  Tries to do what you do
  •  Drinks from a cup with very little spilling
  •  Helps in the house
  •  Bends down without falling
  •  Says 2 to 3 words
  •  Brings toys over to show you
  •  Walks well
  •  Listens to a story
  •  Follows simple commands
  •  Puts block in a cup
  •  Scribbles
Physical exam
  • Weight and growth measurements
  • ASQ Developmental Screening
  • Autism Screening Tool-MCHAT
  • Hepatitis A- 2nd

Developmental Milestones

  •  Knows name of favorite book
  •  Walks up steps
  •  Points to 1 body part
  •  Laughs in response to others
  •  Speaks 6 words
  •  Stacks 2 small blocks
  •  Runs
  •  Uses spoon and cup without spilling most of the time
  •  Helps around the house
Physical exam
  • Weight and growth measurements
  • Developmental surveillance
  • Autism Screening-MCHAT
  • No vaccines at this visit if child has been on routine immunization schedule.

Developmental Milestones

  •  Stacks 5 or 6 small blocks
  •  Throws a ball overhand
  •  When talking, puts 2 words together, like “my book”
  •  Kicks a ball
  •  Names 1 picture such as a cat, dog, or ball
  •  Turns book pages 1 at a time
  •  Walks up and down stairs 1 step at a time
  •  Jumps up
  •  Plays pretend alone while holding wall or railing
  •  Copies things that you do
  •  Plays alongside other children
  •  Can point to at least 2 pictures that you name when reading a book
  •  Follows 2-step command
Physical exam
  • Weight and growth measurements
  • Developmental Surveillance
  • No vaccines are due at this visit

Developmental Milestones

  •  Points to 6 body parts
  •  Other people can understand what your child is saying half the time
  •  When talking, puts 3 or 4 words together
  •  Jumps up and down in place
  •  Knows correct animal sounds (such as cat meows, dog barks)
  •  Puts on clothes with help
  •  Washes and dries hands without help
  •  Plays pretend
  •  Brushes teeth with help
  •  Plays with other children, like tag


Child Plus Pediatrics is passionate about working with the family on a holistic approach to wellness.  We understand that there is more to medicine than just diagnosis.


Child Plus Pediatrics is here to listen.  We truly care about what you have to say.  We recognize that no one knows your child better than you and we want your input.


The entire staff of Child Plus Pediatrics is here because we care about families and children.  We want to make a difference in your lives and the lives of your children.

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