What are the most effective ways to help my child get back to a healthy weight

I would say the most effective ways to get your child back to a healthy weight would be exercise, physical movement, every day is best. If you can get your child moving at least 30 minutes to an hour every day. And it can be activities like riding your bike, you know, jumping on a trampoline, running around the neighborhood, playing with friends. But as long as they’re physically active, you know, 30 minutes to an hour a day is best. Of course, diet plays a big role in that as well. Try to avoid eating out, you know, too often. Couple times a week, you know, is reasonable. But watching processed carbohydrates and sugars, limiting those on a daily basis and trying to include more fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, is the best way to keep your child’s weight at a healthy weight.

Definitely be careful of what kind of snacks and foods you keep in your house, because if they’re there, they’re more likely to eat them. So limiting what you keep at the house in the way of sweets and snack foods, is best to limit those as much as possible and try to include fresh fruits and vegetables as options for snacks as an alternative. As well as sodas or carbonated, you know, drinks, Cokes, things like that, you wanna try to not keep those at your house because they’re gonna be more likely to drink them if they’re there. So limiting those as well would be best.

You know, the more active they are, you know, obviously, the more they can eat, potentially. But you still want it to be healthy calories that they’re taking in and not the processed carbohydrates and snack foods. It does not need to be their primary source of nutrition. But there’s not really a big difference between your younger children versus your older children as far as what foods they need to be taking in. It still needs to be a wide variety of foods, with those fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins all in the mix there, at each meal if possible.

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