What internet resources can I trust for medical information and what information do I need for my next visit

Full Transcript:

What information is available online for my child’s health?

There’s a lot of information and the first results on your search are not necessarily the most accurate. I’ve put some of these sites on my website childpluspediatrics.com that you can refer to. There are others as well, but the ones I like particularly are healthychildren.org. This is all American Academy of Pediatrics content. It’s a great online almost like an encyclopedia of kid stuff. And it covers not only medical topics but also some of the less strictly medical stuff like you know, bathing and skin care and how to trim your baby’s fingernails. Really practical stuff broken down into small articles that you can read quickly.

Another good website that I recommend for a lot of people is infantrisk.org. And this is a site that specializes in medication safety for pregnant women and nursing moms. And this is a good site because, you know, there’s a lot of questions and there’s a lot of medicines. And as a pediatrician I don’t always have the most up to date research immediately available, this website does.

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