When does my newborn need vaccines

Full Transcript:

When does my baby need vaccines? The first vaccine that is recommended is a hepatitis B shot in the hospital about 24 hours after the infants born. This is to prevent the transmission of hepatitis B from mom to infant, even in cases where a mother might not know that she is a carrier of hepatitis B. By doing that first vaccine within the first 24 hours you can prevent serious lifelong complications which although rare you know, range from being as serious as liver failure to liver cancer.

The next set of vaccines is typically given at two months old. And then again at four months and six months of age. The reason that the vaccines are given at that point is that when the infant is inside the mother and connected with the umbilical cord, there are antibodies crossing over from the mother’s bloodstream into the infants that the infants is then born with. However, because the infant is not making their own antibodies at that time those levels that they inherited from their mom start to slowly go down. And so what we try to do by immunizing during the first six months is to boost the levels up so there’s no gap in the protection that an infant would have.

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